Once upon a time there were two men who where investigating the depths of the wild looking for something I do not now what though. They wore a backpacks filled with weapons and tools for different occasions but still I do not now what for I am assuming there looking for gold or diamonds but why would they bring weapons. Many days later  they stopped starred into the shadows they pulled there vigorous weapons all of a sudden a huge bumblebee appeared it was a illuminating battle but in the end the men won it was filled with gold! They were overflowing with richness.

Dan 2

Dan 2


Today, I was teaching Warawi’s dog Larka how to fetch when Lieutenant Roberts wanted me to tie the dog up or he would stick my hide to a tree.As I went to go talk to Goodwin he said “ If the         governor wants something he gets it  but also,” I said no stealing from natives without paying them with something to return,” I said. Ok thanks any way Goodwin. “It is not enough to pay,” I said not enough for Warawi.

So I went to the cook and he said, “What do you want with me,” , “Just some drippings,” I said. “For what,” , my boots I said  oh nonsense said cook. There is only a little amount of food and no close boats from England with any food, while he was speaking I chucked some drippings in a bag behind me next to on of the tents. “Hey dan,” said cook.  “Can you give Lieutenant Roberts this?” “ok,” I said. It was a bottle of rum okay so I took it to Lieutenant Roberts “Here you go,” I said  “Here hold this telescope Dan ohh another thing I could give to warawi. Hey dan we are going to the Point said lieutenant. can you drum us out fine dum du du dum du du dum.

100WC The Polar bear war

Polar bear 100WC




It is summer and I am stuck on the ice alone HOLD FIRE! It was polar bear War Pussia  vs Pusa there ice bergs were big but ours were bigger we were going in for attack I had my snowball machine gun 🔫 my name is freezer and I’m ice cold we were wining but someone knocked me away from my fleet and I was alone in the cold 🥶 a iceberg and a snowball machine gun I had to. Swim I swam for days and I finally found my crew they said that we won the War hooray 😁

Dan 3

Dan 3

After supper, I was taken out my tent and brought to Lieutenant Roberts. I  stand before him I was accused of standing off my post and losing governors hunting dog.Which is true. “Have a good night sleep and you will be flogged in the morning” “yes sir alright sir”. There was chirps of nearby birds in the air we were walking to find a good spot to whip me “alright boys here’s the spot” said lieutenant Roberts Goodwin build a triangle here under this tree I was behind the tree with Goodwin we were building the triangle then out of no where warawi appeared.


“Oh no aren’t you already in enough trouble Dan?” said Goodwin look she is holding something in this animal skin oh my gosh Goodwin look oh what is it oh my it is a puppy many lieutenant Roberts will not whip you if you show him this thank you so much Waruwi hehe she said come on lets show the lieutenant. Dan it is ready I only gave the dog back to the native that owned it oh be quiet also ok a dog it is a baby so it would be easier to train it me see oh yeah good work dan you shouldn’t be flogged/whipped good job dan thanks sir your in charge of it dan yes sir so we walked back to camp.






Dan 1788

Historical facts

  • Europeans didn’t care about aboriginals belonging or companions
  • European settlers stole from the aboriginals with stuff like dingos
  • European settlers called dingos native dogs
  • The Europeans survived on resources that the found on there path
  • The aboriginals couldn’t understand the Europeans language
  • There was a danger of being shot by Europeans foe aboriginals


Where are we Botany Bay

When 1788

Who dan

What Governor needs a day

Why for hunting

¡.                                                                                                                                                           ¡


Hey dan is that a wild dog following you yes sir you now the govener needs a hunting dog maybe the natives own the dog or they don’t own anything no that’s stupid so I walked to go. Warn Warawi warawi! Warawi! Where are you hehe 😜 no It is not a game there going to take you’re dog away (dan) (Dan) dan there it is it’s a a dog 🐕 right next to you catch it Catch it ok Yay 😃 dan you caught one ok I am giving you full responsibility for this thing ok sir.

I was was walking back through this thick bushy forest 🌳 ugh 😫 so long ok dan were back at camp sight so dan attach it to your camp pole ok sir. Girl what is it Warawi Ouch Ouch the natives are throwing stones get ready for attack said sir.

Historical Fiction 2 The Journey 1788

John age 9

In London it is 1788 I have been a orphan ever since I could remember I do chimney sweeping. It is hot Smokey and I hate it it is also very dangerous and

I only get paid a very little amount of money, so I stole. It was the worst mistake of my life. I stole a pistol and a apron I don’t know why I didn’t shoot the guy that arrested me but what ever I am know a convict I was sentenced to 7 years in this new country called Australia I think I am going to New South Wales a place where convicts go to work so I waited to go to Australia. I was boarding the ship to go I was pretty exited to go from this horrible place did you know that If you stole a lot of things you would get hanged. Fact now back to what I was saying I had been on this ship a week now it was horrible thee were mean people cockroaches,

Rats and there is vomit all over the floor this went on for ages I made a few friends as well on board we reached Rio de Janeiro we stopped to get some food an water but the special people got it all ad we got the SCRAPS! I am still so mad about it. Again the navy were screaming  so loud upstairs they where having a blast betting shillings on poker while I was stuck hear board out of my mind we had almost reached cape of good hope in Africa to stop for food and water about one mont and we were in Australia  in the state of New South Wales rarely we would see some dolphins or some coral reefs we weren’t that far away from Australia I was so exited i could scream but the navy people upstairs would hear my hi pitch screams like opera singers singing at the tippy top of there longs we had finally arrived in this surprisingly hot country considering were so close to Antartica it should be Freezing cold and shouldn’t there be ginormous icebergs every where. Anyway I rushed off the ship as fast as my legs could carry me a was here on Australia it is hot in here the. I was going to go to my farm that I would work on for the longest time ever,7 years. So when I was going to the farm I saw this Giant Rat and now seven long years working on a farm see you later.


100WC but when I looked behind me

Secret mission sneak into the evil base in Victoria 2020 COVID masks On

So on a warm day in south Australia. Victoria our enemy have stolen the COVID 19 vaccine so my and my bud Ben were going to steal it back.We were in there base it is called Vic I looked behind me I saw a guard to the vaccine we threw a rock over the the Side that didn’t  have the vaccine. I smashed the glass grabbed the vaccine and ran away  with Ben and we went back to South Australia and stopped Covid 19.





100WC T3W4

On a warm summer wait wait wait where in London. Narrator it’s freezing we wear gap jackets every day. So I was walking along the shore line and I saw something big in the water there was this crane like thing there. So I  used it to pick it up .Wow! Maybe it crashed into a iceberg  but there was a huge amount of cars there I thought to my self I’m rich BABY! But I knew that wasn’t the case because

They were all rusty  so I took then to the museum   Sad!.

This guy found a lot! Of cars

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