Historical Fiction 2 The Journey 1788

John age 9

In London it is 1788 I have been a orphan ever since I could remember I do chimney sweeping. It is hot Smokey and I hate it it is also very dangerous and

I only get paid a very little amount of money, so I stole. It was the worst mistake of my life. I stole a pistol and a apron I don’t know why I didn’t shoot the guy that arrested me but what ever I am know a convict I was sentenced to 7 years in this new country called Australia I think I am going to New South Wales a place where convicts go to work so I waited to go to Australia. I was boarding the ship to go I was pretty exited to go from this horrible place did you know that If you stole a lot of things you would get hanged. Fact now back to what I was saying I had been on this ship a week now it was horrible thee were mean people cockroaches,

Rats and there is vomit all over the floor this went on for ages I made a few friends as well on board we reached Rio de Janeiro we stopped to get some food an water but the special people got it all ad we got the SCRAPS! I am still so mad about it. Again the navy were screaming  so loud upstairs they where having a blast betting shillings on poker while I was stuck hear board out of my mind we had almost reached cape of good hope in Africa to stop for food and water about one mont and we were in Australia  in the state of New South Wales rarely we would see some dolphins or some coral reefs we weren’t that far away from Australia I was so exited i could scream but the navy people upstairs would hear my hi pitch screams like opera singers singing at the tippy top of there longs we had finally arrived in this surprisingly hot country considering were so close to Antartica it should be Freezing cold and shouldn’t there be ginormous icebergs every where. Anyway I rushed off the ship as fast as my legs could carry me a was here on Australia it is hot in here the. I was going to go to my farm that I would work on for the longest time ever,7 years. So when I was going to the farm I saw this Giant Rat and now seven long years working on a farm see you later.


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