Once upon a time there were two men who where investigating the depths of the wild looking for something I do not now what though. They wore a backpacks filled with weapons and tools for different occasions but still I do not now what for I am assuming there looking for gold or diamonds but why would they bring weapons. Many days later  they stopped starred into the shadows they pulled there vigorous weapons all of a sudden a huge bumblebee appeared it was a illuminating battle but in the end the men won it was filled with gold! They were overflowing with richness.

100WC The Polar bear war

Polar bear 100WC




It is summer and I am stuck on the ice alone HOLD FIRE! It was polar bear War Pussia  vs Pusa there ice bergs were big but ours were bigger we were going in for attack I had my snowball machine gun 🔫 my name is freezer and I’m ice cold we were wining but someone knocked me away from my fleet and I was alone in the cold 🥶 a iceberg and a snowball machine gun I had to. Swim I swam for days and I finally found my crew they said that we won the War hooray 😁

100WC but when I looked behind me

Secret mission sneak into the evil base in Victoria 2020 COVID masks On

So on a warm day in south Australia. Victoria our enemy have stolen the COVID 19 vaccine so my and my bud Ben were going to steal it back.We were in there base it is called Vic I looked behind me I saw a guard to the vaccine we threw a rock over the the Side that didn’t  have the vaccine. I smashed the glass grabbed the vaccine and ran away  with Ben and we went back to South Australia and stopped Covid 19.





100WC T3W4

On a warm summer wait wait wait where in London. Narrator it’s freezing we wear gap jackets every day. So I was walking along the shore line and I saw something big in the water there was this crane like thing there. So I  used it to pick it up .Wow! Maybe it crashed into a iceberg  but there was a huge amount of cars there I thought to my self I’m rich BABY! But I knew that wasn’t the case because

They were all rusty  so I took then to the museum   Sad!.

This guy found a lot! Of cars

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