Dan 1788

Historical facts

  • Europeans didn’t care about aboriginals belonging or companions
  • European settlers stole from the aboriginals with stuff like dingos
  • European settlers called dingos native dogs
  • The Europeans survived on resources that the found on there path
  • The aboriginals couldn’t understand the Europeans language
  • There was a danger of being shot by Europeans foe aboriginals


Where are we Botany Bay

When 1788

Who dan

What Governor needs a day

Why for hunting

¡.                                                                                                                                                           ¡


Hey dan is that a wild dog following you yes sir you now the govener needs a hunting dog maybe the natives own the dog or they don’t own anything no that’s stupid so I walked to go. Warn Warawi warawi! Warawi! Where are you hehe 😜 no It is not a game there going to take you’re dog away (dan) (Dan) dan there it is it’s a a dog 🐕 right next to you catch it Catch it ok Yay 😃 dan you caught one ok I am giving you full responsibility for this thing ok sir.

I was was walking back through this thick bushy forest 🌳 ugh 😫 so long ok dan were back at camp sight so dan attach it to your camp pole ok sir. Girl what is it Warawi Ouch Ouch the natives are throwing stones get ready for attack said sir.

One thought on “Dan 1788

  1. Hi william,
    I really liked your writing I think you did really well I’m just going to leave some feedback
    I liked how you listed some historical facts at the start
    I also liked how you used paragraphs in your writing
    I thinks you could use less emojis for your writing

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