100WC T3W4

On a warm summer wait wait wait where in London. Narrator it’s freezing we wear gap jackets every day. So I was walking along the shore line and I saw something big in the water there was this crane like thing there. So I  used it to pick it up .Wow! Maybe it crashed into a iceberg  but there was a huge amount of cars there I thought to my self I’m rich BABY! But I knew that wasn’t the case because

They were all rusty  so I took then to the museum   Sad!.

This guy found a lot! Of cars

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One thought on “100WC T3W4

  1. Hi William

    I wanted to let you know what I liked and what you can improve on you post

    I liked how it was short and sweet and I also liked how you described the place and the weather but I think it could be a little bit better

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