My Place – 1788

Today I went for a walk with Burani our tribe leader he was following me from behind I was wearing my favourite dingo cloths and I only killed the dingo yesterday Burani to was wearing his favourite dingo cloths Mung had been missing for days now. We last saw him when we went to go catch a barramundi we came back with it and he went to go catch snakes or something and now he is gone “he maybe if we catch a fish Mung might see the fire or smell the fish” I said to Burani. ‘I know the best spots’ said burani . Only because I told you! Said Barangaroo.

Okay lets have a dance off I said for who goes fishing I did my amazing emu dance it was got
Strait away then I did my perfect snake impression finally and again guessed and finally I did
My wallaby impression and mung came out of no. Where and guessed it it was know it was buranis
Turn and he flapped his arms like a chicken and now one guessed he starred angrily then he did a fish but now one guessed what type and finally he did a snake impression now one guessed
Ok who votes burani 5 second later me said one judge me to said the other ok I will go fishing mung and Barangaroo stay here I was so mad! Hate boys.

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